I Love my Sweet Spot Skirt!

Yesterday, I declared that Tuesday would be a writing day and I would write about products, businesses or services about which I'm excited. This first product is something I think that every woman would absolutely love to own and now that I've had mine for several months, I don't know how I ever survived without one.

I'm talking about a Sweet Spot Skirt!

I discovered Sweet Spot Skirts almost exactly one year ago, while browsing the expo for the Portland Race for the Roses Half Marathon, and I think I've worn a Sweet Spot Skirt probably 275 out of the last 365 days of this past year. That's how much I love the product!

The Sweet Spot Skirt can be worn over running tights or shorts, during your favorite activities such as running, walking, hiking, biking, golfing, etc., or it can be worn as a cover-up immediately following such activities so that you can easily transition from athlete to super-woman-on-the-go without having to go home to first change clothes before taking care of errands and shopping.

I have an issue about going into public after being sweaty and working out, but I confess, I break my own rule against going into public wearing work-out clothes when I'm wearing my Sweet Spot Skirt.  I feel I still look presentable enough to dash into a store and make a quick exit.

Sweet Spot Skirts are made in Vancouver, Washington and can be purchased in their downtown Vancouver shop, on line at www.sweetspotskirts.com, at REI, or at various Races around the country.

The amazing thing about the Sweet Spot Skit is that they're offered in four different sizes and they fit women from size zero to size 26 and the skirt is absolutely adorable on all body types! They've perfected the cut and flair in such a way, that the cut is flattering to all!

I'm wearing a "Fast and Flirty" here in this photo which is made of a poly material.  I have two others which are made of the reversible cotton fabric and I typically only wear those for training but I've decided I'm going to wear one in my next half marathon.

Here I am, wearing my Sweet Spot Skirt at the Portland Marathon last fall.  26 miles down, just that last .02 to go!

I want to share the word about this amazing little skirt.  I love the product and I know you will too! I love that we can support a locally owned and woman-owned business and we can look fabulous doing so!