Believe. Begin. Blogcademy.

Reach for the sky! I just spent the past 8 hours in The Blogcademy workshop in downtown Portland and I left there feeling inspired, encouraged, motivated, enthusiastic and now a little more educated.  It was also a very serious reality check. It was sort of like stepping on the scales for the first time after that 4 and a half month, Halloween-through-Girl-Scout-Cookie-Season stretch and realizing that I have a ton of work to do if I want to feel good about things.

When you sit in a room for 8 hours,  with 30 other motivated and enthusiastic women, you can't help but absorb part of that powerful energy, no matter how big the challenge in front of you may be.

I will share more about my experience in the coming days, but I just wanted to stay true to my newly declared content calendar.  The instructors reiterated the importance of ritualizing a writing/posting schedule and adhering to an editorial calendar.  I was so carried away with the excitement and energy of the conference, that I actually failed at taking many photos. I need to, and will, improve on the amount of photos that I post. If  you're reading this now, I know I owe you lots of pretty pictures and that's something I'm working on.

I'm so excited and I'm looking forward to sharing more, but for now, I just want to share the biggest thing that I took from the workshop today. (which wasn't technically on the curriculum, but its what I felt was the underlying, unspoken theme.)  If there's something you want to do, and you've been delaying its start, it's time to just put yourself out there and make things happen. It's time to take the first step. No matter how intimidating it may be, it's time to be a big girl and go for it.