365 More People Pictures - Week 25

Hello! Thank you for checking out week 25 of the 365 More People Pictures project.  If this is your first time checking in, this is my second personal 365 Day Photography challenge to take a picture of a person every day for another year.  The majority of the people in this project are strangers, but also included are a few friends, family and co-workers.

I got my first DSLR a little over 540 days ago and in attempt to learn photography so that I could have visual content for this blog, I challenged myself to take a picture of a person, every single day, for an entire year. When the first 365 days were finished, I just couldn't stop!  I discovered I loved meeting and talking with people so I challenged myself to another 365 Days. Plus, I was a little worried if I didn't continue another project, I might set down my camera and not make the time or find a reason to pick it up ever again.  I love photography, and challenging myself to a 365 Day Project gives me a very good excuse, and very good motivation, to stick with it.  Plus, I just still have soooooo much more to learn!

I didn't have a clear path set when I started this blog, and obviously the project has now taken over the entire purpose of the blog.  That may change some day, but for now, I'm just loving what I've been doing and all the people I've had the opportunity to talk with.

If you'd like to follow along daily, my instagram username is @missellanea.


Day 168 - Amber the Corgi, and Her Human

amber & mom

This is Amber and her Human.  They were out for a walk at Esther Short Park on this foggy day.

I asked Amber's human the happiest thing happening in her life right now and she said that it was moving out here from Albuquerque.


"I wish I could think of something deep and meaningful, but I just want to do good in my life and be happy," Amber's human said, when I asked if she has a personal mission statement.  It doesn't matter how the words are constructed, striving to do good and being happy is meaningful.

When I asked Amber's human something about herself which she considers to be a success, she answered, "I'm independent."

Welcome to the Northwest, Amber & her Human



As I was leaving the park, I looked over just in time to see this man walking out of a dense patch of fog.  It looked like something out of a scary movie!  I was both fascinated and a little creeped out too.


Day 169 - Kyle


This is Kyle. We met at Starbucks.

"This beautiful weather!  I spent the weekend outdoors with my family," Kyle answered, when I asked the happiest thing happening in his life right now.  This week was a little bizarre as far as weather goes.  We went from cold and fog so think you could practically feel it, to having sunshine and spring-lik temperatures.

I asked Kyle if he's recently performed an act of kindness or if he's been on the receiving end of kindness. Kyle said that he's received help and kindness from his friends and family.

"To not let fear or laziness get in the way," Kyle answered, when I asked if he has a personal mission statement.  This is so true.  When I think about the goals or accomplishments I've never pursued, the reasons for not achieving success simply boils down to fear. Either the fear of failure, or even the fear of success and all the work that comes with it.  One could argue that's also laziness, but at it's deepest root - I still find fear.  This is an excellent personal mission statement and I've been thinking of it since meeting Kyle, and have questioned myself throughout the week to put both fear and laziness in check.

"Still being alive," Kyle answered, when I asked something about himself which he would consider to be a success.


Day 170 - Ryan


This is Ryan. We met at a convenience store.

The happiest thing happening in his life right now is his job as an elevator mechanic, and his new Triumph motorcycle. Ryan told me a little about the program and requirements to be an Elevator Mechanic.  When school/training and apprenticeship hours are completed, an elevator mechanic will have over 10,000 hours of experience.  No wonder it's so rare to be caught in an elevator!

I asked Ryan if he's recently performed an act of kindness, or if he's been on the receiving end of kindness.  Ryan said that he's always trying to help others. He helps out his ex, even though they're no longer together, and he does little things to pay it forward like buying coffee for random people at coffee shops.  Ryan then said that his Mom wishes he would go to Church more often.  I laughed and explained that I could relate...it's what moms do!

"To live life to the fullest and treat other people the way I want to be treated," Ryan answered, when I asked if he has a personal mission statement.  I told Ryan that in spite of his Church attendance record, his Mom would be proud that he's living the golden rule.

When I asked Ryan something about himself which he considers to be a success, he said it's his mechanical, electrical, and welding background.  Ryan then added that a few years ago,  he was also ranked 47th in the country for AMA Flat Track Racing.

Thank you, Ryan!


Day 171 - Kassie


This is Kassie.  We met at the bus stop.

"I made really great friends this year," Kassie answered, when I asked the happiest thing happening in her life right now.

"To always be your best person so you can set an example for others," Kassie answered, when I asked if she has a personal mission statement or if she could make one up.  Kassie is going to school to become a therapist and I can tell she's going to be a great one!  When I confessed to Kassie how few hours of the day that I could actually say I'm being my best person, vs. how much I want to be/or am striving toward, she answered in a way that made it feel ok.  She made it seem like we get credit for the desire and our effort to be our best person, even if our progress is imperfect.

I asked Kassie something about herself which she would consider to be a success and she answered, "I'm very motivated."

Thank you, Kassie and good luck with school!


Day 172 - Mogwai


This is Mogwai.  We also met at a bus stop.

The happiest thing happening in Mogwai's life right now, and something about herself which she would consider to be a success,  is that she's returned to school!

When I asked Mogwai if she's recently performed an act of kindness or if she's been on the receiving end of kindness, she explained that she's received quite a bit of kindness this past year.  Mogwai was basically homeless but thanks to the help of others, she's now back on her feet and has taking advantage of the opportunity to go back to school. In turn, she's starting a charity organization of her own so that she can help others who were in her situation.

The bus arrived before we finished.  Good luck, Mogwai!


Day 173 - Chris


This is Chris.  It was friday night and I spotted him sitting in his car with the door open, eating carrots.  I initially walked past him and then found myself wondering why he was sitting in his car, eating carrots, on a Friday night.  Then of course that thought was followed by the thought, what am I'm doing, wandering around on a Friday night, looking for a person to take a picture of, when there's an interesting person right there?  So, I turned back and approached Chris to ask if I could take his picture for the project.

Chris was parked outside of Velo Cult and when I asked if he was waiting for someone, he explained that he was waiting for a show to start inside.

"This show tonight," Chris answered, when I asked the happiest thing happening in his life right now.   I learned that Chris is the Editor of Vortex Magazine, which is a magazine about the local Portland music scene.  The concert had been a secret show to which Vortext presented clues during the month to reveal the location.

When I asked Chris if he's recently performed an act of kindness, or if he's been on the receiving end of an act of kindness, he was sure he had done something but he was having trouble thinking of anything specific.  He asked if we could circle back.  A few moments later, Chris' friend/co-worker/photographer came out and Chris asked him if he could remember if he's done anything nice.  Chris' friend reached into Chris' little container o' carrots, stuffed one in his mouth and then said that Chris let him have some of his carrots!  Ha!  The two had been working hard and were loading in cases of magazines for the show and hadn't had time to eat.  Chris is a good guy...he doesn't let his friends/co-workers/photographers starve!

"I believe very strongly that collaboration will make all of us stronger," Chris answered, when I asked if he had a personal mission statement or if he could make one up.

When I asked Chris something about himself he would consider to be a success, Chris answered, "I feel like I'm good at bringing people together that share similar values."  I pointed out to Chris how perfectly this trait aligns with his personal mission statement.  Chris agreed, saying he also realized it too, after he answered.

When we were finished, Chris told me a little more about Vortex and gave me two issues.  Chris has created a dream-come-true job for himself. I told Chris I've been wanting for (or dreaming of) a new Portland magazine, and Chris has set out to do just that.  I can imagine all of the challenges he must face in giving birth to a new publication at a time when print is battling for survival, but he's making it happen!  Chris is using this time as an opportunity. He and everyone at Vortex are putting out a really good product and I can't wait to see how it evolves!  You can check out Vortex online, subscribe for whatever you feel like paying, or if you see Vortex when you're out - definitely pick up a copy!

I have such huge admiration for Chris and people like him...people who just make things happen.  Chris may have had a hard time thinking of an act of kindness but after reading his magazine, I realized Vortex is not only his passion, but in a way, it is also an act of kindness.  Chris is helping to promote and give exposure to local bands, venues, and the other businesses and services surrounding and supporting music.

Chris, wishing you and Vortex great success and I hope you're having fun creating it as well.


Day 174 - Shelby


This is Shelby.  She is the daughter of one of my dearest and oldest friends.  I attended her Senior gymnastics meet on Saturday.  I can't even believe this little girl is graduating in just a few short months and I don't know how you parents do it.  It's so hard to let go.  It feels like just a few months ago when my friend announced she was having a baby and I can still remember rubbing my friend's little baby bump tummy when Shelby was just a bun in the oven.

It was difficult choosing the picture to share here.  We made  few that looked just like the adorable bright and sun-shiny little girl that I know and love, and then there was this one.  We were taking these pictures at night, in a little alley between two buildings, so the light and shadows were a little weird and challenging.  Although it was a tough decision, I deliberately chose this picture because she looked more like a young woman than a little girl, and she was split between shadow and light, and that's the kind of bittersweet conflict I was feeling knowing this was one of her final high school gymnastics meets.  Shelby has such a bright future ahead of her, but I was left wondering where all the time went.  I can't even imagine how her parents, or any parents, feel and cope knowing that part of being a parent is letting their child out into the world to go create a life for themselves.  It's both exciting and terrifying, both gratifying and sad.

The happiest thing happening in Shelby's life right now is that she's appreciating each moment that she has with her team.  I loved watching Shelby's team and the love and support they gave to one another.

When I asked Shelby if she's recently performed an act of kindness, she was having trouble remembering anything specific but I know this kid is one good-hearted kid and she's been doing volunteer work for years.  I helped remind her that we had just done a Project Brown Bag mission on Christmas, and then her mom added that Shelby volunteers to coach Special Abilities Gymnastics, she volunteered to be a Bell-Ringer for Salvation Army, and she often gives her teammates rides home.  Shelby questioned her mom, saying she didn't think that was really an act of kindness, but rather just something she should do to help her teammates.  Shelby's Mom laughed and said, "trust me, it's a big act of kindness for the girls' moms!"  I can also remember my friend would take Shelby and her brother to volunteer at a local homeless shelter when they were younger, and they also volunteered for Meals on Wheels.  Earlier this year, while on "vacation," they also went to one of the toughest parts of Oakland and worked with an outreach organization providing services to homeless people.  Shelby has been to some pretty tough places (with supervision) and seen people in difficult circumstances.  I think that her experiences have helped shape her to becoming the loving and compassionate person she's grown to be.

"Surround yourself with positive people," Shelby answered, when I asked if she had a personal mission statement.  Yes!  So glad Shelby has this figured out at her young age.

When I asked Shelby something about herself which she would consider to be a success, she answered, "Maintaining a 4.0 GPA and being a 3-sport varsity athlete."  Shelby is one amazing young woman.  She's smart, hard-working, compassionate, strong and beautiful.

Shelby, wishing you happiness in whatever you decide to do.  I love you, we're all so proud of you, and I'm so happy to have been a tiny part in your life.  Thank you.


Here's the summary of the personal mission statements and life's purposes of the subjects from this week.

  •  To do good in my life and be happy.
  • To not let fear or laziness get in the way.
  • To life life to the fullest and treat other people the way I war to be treated.
  • To always be your best person so you can set an example for others.
  • I believe very strongly that collaboration will make all of us stronger.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.


Thank you to each and every subject in this project.  I appreciate you and your willingness to share yourself with us.

Thank you for reading!


Have a  big week!