Word Wednesday






1. enthusiasm or vigor, as in literary or artistic work; spirit: Her latest novel lacks verve.
2. vivaciousness; liveliness; animation: I like a teacher with plenty of verve.
3. Archaic. talent.

You know those people who are so enthusiastic that being in their presence can make you feel like you've just downed a cup of coffee and you're ready to take on the world?  You know those special people who seem to have just a little more shine than most people and it has nothing to do with their appearance? That enthusiasm, that shine, is "verve" and lucky for us, it's contagious.

I just completed a two-part Entrepreneur workshop for women, taught by Stephanie Lynn of Sweet Spot Skirts.  My motivation for going was simply to surround myself with verve.  All of the other women in the class either owned their own business or were in the process of staring their own business.  When we made our introductions to the class, I confessed that I wasn't a business owner but that I was there to absorb the energy and enthusiasm to help propel my writing and my blog, and that attending the class could  benefit me in being a better employee.

If you're in a business strategy class filled with 25+ women entrepreneurs, being taught by a woman who oozes passion and enthusiasm, and sitting next to your friend who holds down a full time job and essentially owns two other businesses, you can't help but soak in the verve. I left there feeling motivated, enthusiastic, and determined to implement some of the things I learned in class. By surrounding myself with verve, I re-ignited my own spark. More importantly, I was amazed and impressed by all of the women and their new endeavors and it reminded me how special and important it is to support small, local, businesses.

When we live our life with verve, we don't always have to have all the right answers. People are a little more forgiving, as long as we are genuinely enthusiastic.   Over the years, I've sat in on several interviews at my current job and my previous job, and one thing I've determined is that it is much more refreshing to interview with someone who may lack experience and qualifications, but who has an upbeat personality, enthusiasm for the position in which they're interviewing and a little bit of "sparkle," than it is to interview with someone who may be completely qualified and experienced but who is disinterested or detached.   I realize there are certain positions for which a hire must be based strictly on qualifications and experience, but there are many other positions where your verve is going to get you just as far as a strong work history and experience.  Customers want to work with someone who has verve and people want to work with co-workers who have verve.

When you're in a customer service or sales position, or in a situation where you need to market yourself or your services, such as interviewing for a new job or starting new business,  if you can convey your verve - you will be successful!

I've intentionally surrounded myself with enthusiastic people and I place myself in verve-rich environments  in order to boost my own level of enthusiasm and creativity.  People feed off of the energies of those around them, both good and bad, and I want to make it a point to surround myself with verve.  If you're ever feeling a little demotivated or discouraged, it is important to place yourself amongst others who have a surplus of enthusiasm and especially if they share the same objectives as you.  It is a constant process of give and take, and energy exchange.  One day we're the beneficiary of another person's verve but the next day, we're on the giving end and someone else may be inspired by our enthusiasm and the spark we share with them.

I want people to be able to feel my verve, both personally and professionally and if we're feeling overwhelmed or stressed, people will pick up on that. As I write this, I realize the best way to really let our verve shine through, is to be  focused on the current moment and completely present for the person with whom we're interacting.  If we can temporarily set aside any other stressors and distractions, and give that person our complete attention, then our verve will shine brightly!