Word Wednesday

"Always absorbing everything, everywhere, all the time" - from the movie, "Detachment" Have you seen "Detachment?"


If you've seen the movie, I'm certain you recognized today's phrase immediately. "Detachment" is an unforgettable movie and worth checking out.

"Ubiquitous Assimilation," as defined by the movie, is: "always absorbing everything, everywhere, all the time."

I haven't been able to clear this thought from my head since the first time I watched the movie, nearly 6 months ago. The thought "ubiquitous assimilation" enters my mind at least once a day.

What are we feeding our minds? Just as important as the nourishment that we choose to feed our bodies, is the nourishment we choose to feed our minds. What is fueling our thoughts?

I realized quite some time ago, that I'm one big fat sponge and because of ubiquitous assimilation, I need to be hyper aware of the environments in which I place myself,  the company I keep, the news and television shows I watch, and the books I read.

I love(d) Howard Stern.  I would listen to him from the moment I woke up, which was sometimes as early as 4am, until the time I arrived at work around 8am. (Sometimes, I would listen so long, the show would actually start to repeat.)  When Howard made the switch to Satellite radio, we didn't make the switch with him. I thought I was going to die.  I was off my routine for several weeks.  We kept intending to get satellite, but we just didn't make the jump. Then one day it hit me - since I had stopped listening to Howard Stern, I was happier!  Well, I wouldn't say I was happier, because I actually grieved for Howard. It felt like a close friend had died or like I was experiencing a break-up.  What I did notice, was that my attitude had improved and I didn't complain as much. I absolutely love Howard, but I was absorbing bits and pieces of his personality and attitude and it was actually affecting the way I felt and acted.  I always thought it was so ironic how much I loved Howard because I would have been the type of girl that he would have just torn down and torn apart because of my body size. I didn't care.  I loved him anyway.  But, after the realization that I wasn't wound quite as tightly since I had stopped listening to his show, I decided to finally kick my Howard habit for good.   It was tough, but I managed.

I'm working on limiting my exposure to negative influences and have surrounded myself with people who "got it goin' on" in one way or another. I've attended a couple workshops which were filled with women who have hopes and dreams and goals and who have visions of a better life for themselves. (I don't mean just financially, I mean - people who aspire to do something, to create, to be bold, to put themselves out there for the world.)

When you surround yourself with women who are striving to make their dreams a reality,   you'll discover a powerful group of ladies who will encourage you to succeed as well! I've observed women who "should" be competitors, but instead - they build each other up, network, and help each other to succeed.

If we're "always absorbing everything, everywhere, all of the time," what are you allowing yourself to assimilate?