365 More People Pictures - Week 50


I'm sorry that I fell so far behind on the blog.  I've continued taking a picture of a person, every single day, and I post the daily pictures to Instagram. (you can follow me @missellanea)

I'm experiencing so many new life changes - some fabulous new developments, and some not-so-great. More about that soon, but in the meantime, I simply fell behind. 

The photo challenge is still intact. In real-time, I've finished the second "365 More People Pictures" project, and I'm currently working on the next project: "1,111 Photo Streak." The 1,111 Day Photo Streak is the combination of the first two 365 Day Projects, plus another 381 days added to the end.  When finished,  365 + 365 + 381 = will equal a total of 1,111 straight days of taking a picture of a person every single day.  

Here's week 50 of the 365 More People Pictures Project. I've discovered that since so much time has passed, it feels awkward explaining that things may have changed for the person since the time the photo was taken,  so I'm just writing this as though it were fresh. 


Day 343- Mimi

This is Mimi.  We met at the park.  The happiest thing happening in her life is meeting new friends, and being with family. Mimi recently moved back to the area.

Something about herself that she considers to be a success is that she graduated college.  It took several years and she accomplished it by taking just one class at a time, but she did it!  She managed to do so while moving all across the country because of her military lifestyle.

When I first approached Mimi, I thought she was Claire from the week prior.  These two ladies are both so interesting and personable, I hope by now the two of them have met.  I've bumped into each of them since taking their picture and now I look for them whenever I'm at the park.  

Mimi's recent act of kindness is that she accompanied an 89 year old woman who needed a little assistance on her vacation. 

I visited with Mimi for quite a while this day, but looking back on my notes to share with you - I discovered a lot of blank space in my journal.   Although I'm disappointed I didn't take better notes, I realized it was because I just set my pen down and allowed myself to be present with Mimi.  I allowed myself to just be.   Mimi is warm and welcoming, and she's had a fascinating life.  One thing I've learned in this project is that just about everyone has a fascinating tale or two, but we often fail to seek it out.


Day 344 - Devin

This is Devin.  The happiest thing happening in his life is his girlfriend.

Devin's recent act of kindness is that he bought a beer for someone he didn't know.

"To make other people happy," Devin answered, when I asked his life's purpose.

Something about himself he considers to be a success is his confidence.  "I didn't always have it," he explained.  It's funny the assumptions we make about people in just a split second.  I think most people would be surprised to learn that Devin struggled with confidence, just like the rest of us.  I'm happy he's found confidence in himself and his abilities.


Day 345 - Ken and Henry

This is Ken and his canine kid, Henry.  The happiest thing happening in Ken's life is that he just started a new job.

Ken tries to do little acts of kindness every day, but one thing that came to mind is that he recently gave one of Henry's play friends a new dog toy. 

"To enjoy it," Ken said, is his life's purpose.

When I asked Ken something about himself he considers to be a success, he answered, "I have a great career that I enjoy."


Day 346 - Sydney

This is Sydney.  The happiest thing happening in her life right now is that she just moved to Portland.

Sydney's job is actually an act of kindness. She's currently interning as a physical therapist. 

"To help others to heal," Sydney said, is her life's purpose.  I've noticed a common thread woven throughout this project after having met so many different types of people working in both mental and physical health care.  It seems those working in this field; therarpists social workers, massage therapists, nurses - have all recognized this calling to be a "healer."  It's not a field one just chooses.  It seems like they truly recognize their life's purpose is in helping others to be well.

I loved Sydney's answer when I asked her something about herself which she considers to be a success. "I should be way more fucked up, and I'm not," she said with a laugh.

Day 347 - Sarah

This is Sarah.  When I approached and asked if I could take her picture for the project, at first, she happily agreed.  After a moment, she started to reconsider having her picture published.  I could tell that Sarah wanted to help me, and she also liked the idea of the project and being included.  However, I could see she had big reservations.  Sarah then suggested that I take a picture of just a portion of her face as a way that we could accomplish both her inclusion in the project, and also allow her to have a degree of anonymity.  

After her brilliant idea, she was then extremely patient with me as I got all up in her face.  Having never really done a picture like this, I think I was actually more uncomfortable than Sarah!  She didn't mind while I took several pictures until we got just the right amount of her facial features.  

The happiest thing happening in Sarah's life is that she's been awarded a full scholarship to go to school for geology. 

Something about herself that she considers to be a success, is that she's fluent in two languages.

When I asked Sarah her life's purpose, she answered, "To be submissive to the universe and go with the flow in an organic way."  

I'm so happy that Sarah didn't just abandon the project, but rather she helped me push this a little and get creative.  In hindsight, Sarah's life's purpose is completely fitting.  Together, we just went with the flow. 


Day 348 - Jason

This is Jason.  The happiest thing happening in his life is that he just moved to Portland and was promoted at his job.  

Jason constantly looks for opportunities to perform little acts of kindness, mainly at his job.  Being the new guy, he keeps his eyes open for someone who may be having a bad day.  Jason then showers that person with a little extra kindness, attention, and smiles.  Awww, Jason sounds like the best co-worker ever!

"To inspire others," Jason said, is his life's purpose. 

When I asked Jason something about himself he considers to be a success, he answered, "making it to the West Coast, and being self-sufficient." 


Day 349 - Celeste & Skai

This is Celeste and her daughter Skai. We met at the 3 Days of Aloha Festival in downtown Vancouver.

"Having my daughter and being here," Celeste answered, when I asked the happiest thing happening in her life.  Skai agreed, saying, "what I'm doing right now, and eating Kalua Pig." Great answer, Skai!

"To teach her good values," Celeste answered, when I asked her life's purpose.

I asked Skai something about herself she considers to be a success, and then simplified the question to ask something she's good at.  "I'm a good Tae Kwon Do student," Skai answered.

Here's a summary of the life's purposes of some of the subjects from week 50:

  • To make other people happy.
  • To enjoy it.
  • To help others to heal.
  • To be submissive to the universe and go with the flow in an organic way.
  • To inspire others.
  • To teach her good values.

Thank you to everyone who has let me take their picture for this project.  I appreciate your kindness and your time.  And, thanks to you for reading this and not giving up on me!  This thing is still going, and I'll be better about sharing it with you here on the blog, instead of keeping all of these amazing people as my own little treat. 

Thank you!