365 Day People Picture Project - Week 30

Hello! We're finished with week 30 of The 365 Day People Picture Project!

If it seems like this week is a short read, it's not your imagination.  Most of the interactions with the people from this week, were quite brief.  I think the rain is the reason.

Day 204 - Troy


This is Troy.  I met him and his co-worker at the store.

This has been one of my favorite pictures so far!

I asked Troy about the happiest thing happening in his life and he responded, "the connection I'm getting with my kids, especially my 11 year old daughter."

Troy's life is now an act of kindness.  He's 5 months into a career change, making the move from carpentry and into social work.  He's now working with CPS and although it seems like a drastic switch, Troy explained the common traits needed for both fields of work; intense work ethic, honesty, integrity, ethics.

Day 205 - Anonymous Guy in the Parking Lot


I asked Anonymous Guy in the Parking Lot about the happiest thing happening in his life right now and he replied,  "I just got a new job!"

When I asked if he's performed a recent act of kindness, he said he does just "normal stuff", such as "buying drinks for friends."

He politely declined the challenge to think of a personal mission statement.

Day 206 - Mike


"I just retired," Mike said, is the happiest thing happening in his life right now.

I haven't seen Mike in a few years, but he was a cook at one of our favorite hang-outs, Sam's Billiards.  I was so happy to run into him outside of Sam's.  Had we not run into each other, I'm not sure when I would have had the opportunity to see him again, given that he's now retired.  Mike was always so nice to me and my friends/co-workers.  He had a genuine interest in us, and our lives.

I asked Mike if he's performed an act of kindness and at first he couldn't think of anything. Knowing Mike, I was sure he had done something, so I pushed a little harder.  He then said that he gives money to street people. Given the neighborhood, I suspect this could have been nearly a daily occurrence for Mike when he was working.

It was kind of an odd question to ask someone who was on their first official week of retirement, but I went ahead and asked if he had a personal mission statement or if he could think of one. Mike replied, "to enjoy life and enjoy retirement!"  (May you enjoy both, Mike!)


Day 207 - Anonymous Guy on the Sidewalk


I had a lucky day on Wednesday.  It was just beginning to rain when I went out to look for a subject and I was hoping I could find someone quickly.  As soon as I parked my car, I ran into this guy.

When I asked about the happiest thing happening in his life, he replied, "my girlfriend."  He was having trouble thinking of a recent act of kindness and I could tell he was disappointed.  When I asked if he had a personal mission statement, again, he seemed like he was disappointed that he didn't have one prepared.  It was like I had sprung a pop quiz on material that he intended to study, but stopped just shy of reading.

Anonymous Guy on the Sidewalk then asked a few questions about the project, and how I went about selecting subjects. I explained that there have been a few times when I get to choose from a group of people, but most often I just get lucky and take a picture of the first person I see, like I had with him.


Day 208 - Geert


Thursday was our first trek back up to Mt. Tabor Park after having taken the winter off from the stairs.  When we arrived, I asked separate people if I could take their picture, but I was declined both times.  Although it still stings when I get declined, I make a much quicker recovery than I used to, and I no longer feel like giving up the whole project just because somebody tells me no.

We finished our stair work-out and it was starting to get dark.  I was beginning to feel the pressure to find a subject before dark and just then, we spotted Geert.  Geert was riding his bike up the hill when I stopped him.  I mean, I really "stopped" him.  When we were finished, the poor guy had to go back down the hill and then peddle back up to gain enough speed to make it up the hill!  He was so nice, he wasn't even annoyed!

"Bike riding," Geert replied, when I asked about the happiest thing happening in his life right now. Geert's recent act of kindness is donating blood.

Geert has been the first person to have a prepared personal mission statement.  He said it's been his personal mission statement for some time.  The ease with which he declared it, made it obvious that it truly is something he lives by:  "To enjoy life while leaving enough behind for future generations."  Geert works in energy conservation, so even his profession is in line with his personal mission statement.


Day 209 - Ceci


I met Ceci near the bus stop. She was sitting at a patio table and she looked so content just sitting there.  We had a few hours of spring-like sunshine on Friday and she appeared to be soaking in the last few minutes of it's warmth.  After she agreed to be in the project, I sat down at the picnic table with her in order to take her picture.  It felt like we were a couple of friends just hanging out on a patio.

I asked Ceci about the happiest thing happening in her life right now and she replied, "just living."

Ceci was having trouble thinking of a recent act of kindness but she was such a sweet girl, I have a feeling she thought of several after I had left.

I asked Ceci if she has a personal mission statement and she replied with the quote, which was first introduced to her by her high school math teacher, "it's not the destination, it's the journey."


Day 210- Dad and Son


The park at the head of my favorite trail was empty when Kacey and I finished our walk this morning, but I could see people down at the boat ramp.  I made my way down to the ramp and asked these two if I could take their picture.  They were packing it in for the day and I assumed they were some of the fishermen we had seen out on the lake during our walk.

I asked about the happiest thing happening in their lives right now and the Dad replied, "I'm going to be a grandpa."  (Not the son's baby.)  The son replied, "being with family and friends."

I asked if they've performed a recent act of kindness and the son replied, "every day."  I asked for an example and he said, "I bought Girl Scout Cookies!"  We laughed and I'm now thinking I can justify my purchase of Girl Scout Cookies as performing an act of kindness!

I asked if either of them had a personal mission statement or could make something up, and the father shared one of his favorite quotes, "the only risks you regret are the ones you didn't take."


If you've been a subject in this project, thank you!  Please don't hesitate to e-mail me if you'd like a copy of your picture.  I appreciate your kindness and sharing a little bit of yourself with us.

Thank you for reading and following along in this project!  I know how valuable your time is and I'm so honored you're taking little time out of your life and share in this project.

The time change is feeling a little brutal this morning, but I'm pretty excited about the extra hour in the evening, which will be spent at the park doing the stairs, and searching for subjects for this project!

Wishing you a great day and a happy week!

Thank you!