365 Day People Picture Project - Week 17

We're finished with week 17 of the 365 Day People Picture Project! This has been one of my favorite weeks so far.  I didn't make any measurable progress in the quality of my pictures, but I met such interesting people!  I've realized this project has become more about meeting new people, and opening up and connecting with others,  than it is about photography.  I have a lot to learn when it comes to improving the quality of the pictures I take, but I'm pleased with the progress I'm making in my ability and desire to open up and connect with others.  I hope this project may have inspired you to put yourself out there and strike up a conversation with a stranger!

Day 113 - Matt


Matt is a bartender at the Hawthorne Theatre, where my neighbor kids' band had a show on Sunday.

I had been hearing  them practice in their garage all summer long, and from down the street, they were sounding pretty good!  Especially for being just kids! When I learned they were playing an actual show, I decided that I had to check them out in person since I had been listening from down the street for months.

It was an all ages show and when I walked into the theatre, I realized I was the oldest person there.  I was a tad early and feeling way too old to be hanging out with a bunch of kids.  To pass the time, I left the theatre and headed to the bar where I nursed a diet pepsi with lemons and waited for an interesting person to come in so I could ask to take their picture.

Turns out, Matt was that interesting-looking person!  When I asked him the happiest thing happening in his life, he replied, "I'm writing again and happy to get back into it."  I also asked Matt about his hopes and dreams.  He considered the question for a while and finally answered that he dreams of being able to travel.

Day 114 - Kathryn the Librarian


Kathryn is usually working the desk whenever I go to the library. She always greets people with a friendly smile when they come to her floor.

I've had to ask for her help with one thing or another, but this time, I only asked if she would be willing to help with my picture project.  She agreed.

I asked Kathryn about the happiest thing happening in her life and she replied, "…that my daughter is loving being a freshman in college."  Her daughter's happiness gives her happiness.  I also asked Kathryn what she dreams of.  She said, "I'm living the dream."  She explained that she actually switched careers to become a librarian.  That would explain why she's always happy and friendly!


Day 115 - Tyson Kelly and George Krikes, of the band, King Washington


At the recommendation of my new blogger friend, Kathy Rasmussen, I decided to check out Crash Kings and the band who opened for them, King Washington. They played a show at the White Eagle on Tuesday and they didn't disappoint!

Both bands put on a great show!  Although it wasn't as heavily attended as I was expecting, it only added to the positive vibe.  I have a feeling this was both the first and last opportunity that I'll ever have to catch either band in such an intimate setting.

My intention that night was to just ask a show-goer to be the person of the day, but after listening and watching King Washington, they felt more like friends than touring rock stars. They were just so funny and personable!  After King Washington played and before Crash Kings started,  I headed to the merch table to buy a CD and ask one of the guys if they'd be willing to let me take their picture for this project.  Both Tyson and George agreed to let me take their picture.

I could just tell you that I haven't stopped listening to the CDs since that night and leave this post just like it is.  I've been debating all week on whether or not to tell you the rest because it's just so ridiculous.  But, you've been with me this far, I figure I may as well tell you the rest of the ridiculous story. Please keep in mind, this could have been absolutely nothing more than my imagination or the fact that I'm way past due for an eye exam.  Or, it could have been a really freaky experience. I'll just let you decide.  Oh, and just to clarify things - I don't drink, so what happened is in no way related to having had "tii many martoonis."

Here goes…wait. No. I'm not going to tell you this.  Ok…for reals this time.  Here goes…

So, just as I was trying to fit both Tyson and George in the frame and about to take the picture, a figure appeared next to Tyson. I figured it must have been a fan or another band member who popped into the photo.  I was a little stressed because it's a big struggle for me to get a good picture of two people, so I knew a third person was really going to make me blow my picture. When I looked up from the viewfinder, I couldn't figure out who could have been the photo-bomb culprit.  I quickly snapped another picture and it happened again!  I could see a figure, but there wasn't anybody there! My mind was racing to try to problem-solve.  This was all happening so quickly but the thought popped into my head that I had messed up some of the camera settings when I was experimenting earlier with taking no-flash pictures in a concert setting. (Taking pictures of my bedroom curtain with the lights off.)  Then another thought popped into my head…the White Eagle is famous for being haunted! Perhaps the figure was a "ghost"?  With that thought, I was able to relax knowing that I hadn't completely messed up my camera and I snapped one final picture - the one you see here.

I was so curious to get home and check out the images on the computer to see if the camera captured any of the figure that was trying to photo-bomb our picture…but of course, there was nothing.

I told my friend about my ghost story and she asked if I had said anything to the guys as I was taking their picture. I told her, "no way! I didn't want them to think I'm crazy!" We then laughed and joked about what I could have said, "oh, I need to take another picture because there's a ghost leaning over your shoulder."

See, I told you I didn't want to tell you this.  I think I should probably make an appointment for my eye exam now, but it's also kind of fun to believe that a "ghost" tried to photo-bomb my little project.


If you get a chance, do check out both bands!  (Their tour together will be ending soon.)


Day 116 - Kelly


Kelly and I were next to each other in the very long line at the mall Starbucks.  She looked like she would be a nice person so I turned around and asked if she would let me take her picture.  I called it right! She was super nice and agreed to be day 116.

I asked Kelly the happiest thing going on in her life right now and she responded, "my family is all happy and healthy."

Day 117 - Al


This is Al.  Big Al.  Al doesn't say much, but he doesn't have to.  You can just tell he's sort of a gentle giant and a big teddy bear.

When I asked Al the happiest thing going on in his life, he replied, "I'm breathing. I'm alive."  Good answer, Al!  It really is as simple as that.

Al was actually my second subject for the day.  Earlier, I had met a man on the street named Dave.  He was so nice and it was absolutely freezing when he stopped to let me take his picture.  We knew he was blinking when the flash would go off, but I thought I had a picture that could pass for a cute "wink".  After looking at it again, I was just too worried it was unflattering and more like a blink than a wink, so I opted to find a back-up subject which was Al.  Dave, if you happen to read this, I'm sorry I didn't get a good picture. Thank you for taking the time with me and good luck with your new job!


Day 118 - Kelly (two Kelly's in one week!)


Kelly is another one of those people who just brightens up the place!  She reminds me of a movie star but she's actually an electrician!  I guess you could say that she literally brightens up the place!

When I asked Kelly about the happiest thing going on in her life, she replied, "happy?"  After thinking about it for a while, she said, "let's just say that I'm fascinated with Chicago."

Sometimes, I struggle with how much to share of my interactions with the people in this project. I explain to people that I'm going to instagram their picture and then post it to the blog with a recap, but I don't want to share too many personal details out of respect for the people who have agreed to let me take their picture.

I will just share that during a terribly sad experience, Kelly also had a very positive thing happen when she had to return to Chicago to attend her father's funeral.  It can be so confusing and ironic how life can give us sorrow at the very same time it gives us love and joy.


Day 119 - Lynn of Mod Haus

day 119 365 Day People Picture Project

Lynn is a fascinating woman and the owner of the new boutique in Downtown Vancouver, called Mod Haus.

I was heading down to the park to find a subject but I knew my chance of finding someone was going to be slim because of the freezing temperature.  I lucked out and happened to park right next to Mod Haus.  When I looked in the window and saw Lynn, she was just impossible to pass by!

I went into the shop, explained the project and asked if she would be willing to let me take her picture. Lynn agreed.  I absolutely love her style!  From head to toe, Lynn is amazing. Her clothing was vintage but she accessorized with both new and vintage jewelry.

I wouldn't be surprised if Lynn has done some modeling in her past, because she was completely comfortable with having her picture taken.  I'm pretty disappointed in myself though.  Lynn is a beautiful woman, we were in her beautiful shop, and she gave me all the time in the world.  I should have done better!  That's ok, it's all the more reason for you to go check out Mod Haus personally!

Mod Haus is part vintage and part new apparel at discounted prices.  Seriously, the prices are incredible!  Even better than the price - is Lynn's personal service.  I can just imagine women going in to the shop looking "normal" and after Lynn is through styling them, they come out looking fabulous and with a newly defined personal style of their very own.

Lynn of Mod Haus

Lynn comes from a family of artists and to me, the thought with which she puts herself together could also be considered art.  She told me about her previous shop in the Seattle area and her move here to Vancouver. I could have visited with her for hours.  When I asked about the happiest thing happening in her life, Lynn replied, "living close to family."  Her move to Vancouver has her now in closer proximity to the rest of her family.

I snapped a few pictures of the shop but I'm not happy with the quality, so I'm just going to encourage you to visit the boutique for yourself.  The prices are incredible and Lynn is amazing.  She has a great mix of new and vintage and you'll walk out of there looking like a million bucks and feeling even better because of how little you had to spend to get your new look. Mod Haus is right across from Ester Short Park and around the corner from Starbucks.  I hope you'll go in to meet Lynn for yourself and find some treasures. I know I'm definitely going back!

If you have been a subject this week, or any week, thank you!  I appreciate you and feel privileged that you let me take your picture.

Thank you for following along with the project!  I anticipate that next week could possibly be 7 pictures of people bundled up in scarves and beanies!  I hope you're staying warm and cozy wherever you are!